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our_programs2Our programs focus on Health, Economic Empowerment, and Advocacy. We develop programs based on community needs. We get our information in two ways: feedback from the community, and research data. Examples:

  • Our ESOL program was developed in response to demands from community members. During a community forum back in 2009, our community members made their needs heard.
  • The ASHA Depression Treatment Program was a response to researching showing an epidemic of depression among South Asian women—and low use of traditional mental health services.
  • We developed a diabetes prevention program after finding that Bangladeshi women have the highest levels of diabetes of any group in the city!
  • We developed our Breast Health program based on data showing low rates of cancer screening in our community.
  • We developed our Parent Advocacy Group based on parents’ concerns about the lack of access to services in the schools. Our Job Training program, Tiffin responded to years of requests for jobs and job training from our constituents.
  • Ideal Childcare was developed when our community told us how hard it was to make a living wage in locally available jobs. Ideal Childcare is a Workers’ Cooperative which guarantees working members a living wage.