Sapna NYC launched a mental health initiative, Mukti, in 2021 to address the unmet mental health needs in the South Asian community. Mental health is a complicated issue in the South Asian community, one that carries deep stigma. A lack of culturally competent linguistically accessible mental health services means that even for those community members who have managed to overcome the stigma surrounding seeking help, it is nearly impossible to find affordable, accessible, and appropriate care. Sapna NYC, in partnership with Urban Institute, conducted a community needs assessment focused on the mental health challenges and needs of Bangladeshi immigrant women to help inform practice and policy in New York City. Based on these insights, we propose recommendations for policymakers and funders to better support the mental health of vulnerable and immigrant communities. The full study and report are below.

Sapna NYC & Urban Institute Bengali Women’s Mental Health Study

Sapna NYC Mental Health Needs & Recommendations Report